“Night of the Apps” Contest at Campus Party Europe – 3rd Place

We applied  for the “Night of the Apps” contest at Campus Party Europe 2012. Its a big geek event at the former airport Tempelhof in the heart of Berlin with an international audience … would be a great change to spread the word about the new way of getting things clean in your shared apartment 🙂

Jury decides on the 16th of August if we are invited to the presentation stage … so lets keep the finger crossed.

UPDATE: We will present at “Night of the Apps” 😀

The jury has chosen our just-clean.it App to be one of the finalists at Campus Party Europe! On Fri, 24 August, 20:00 – 22:00 we will present at the ‘Pythagoras‘ stage at Tempelhof Airpoirt Berlin. Lets rock!

UPDATE: We made 3rd place !!!

It was a close race in the end … from the nine final app presentations our just-clean.it app made the 3rd place!!


Review from PhoneSavvy.com

PhonSavvy.com has given our just-clean.it App a great review:

 This app is very interesting and we at PhoneSavvy.com have found it especially unique and have selected Just-Clean it as one of the best apps on the Play Store.

Read the full review: http://phonesavvy.com/community/?p=315

no orcs, no elves – just essentials

In 2007 Kevan Davis released “Chore Wars” – an online role playing game about getting your housework done.

It provides a quite complex environment: setup your character, create adventures (see video) … all packed into the layout of a fantasy game. Beside of all the orcs and elves the basic concept is very similar to the just-clean.it app. You get points for doing chores in your community. In 2007 of course this was all still browser based and you needed to check in your done tasks on a computer. But if you and your living community friends are heavy into stuff like World of Worcraft and you are in front of your computer all the time anyway, maybe this is still a way to go.

If you prefer checking in your cleaning points on your smartphone and having the mobile app reduced to the essentials … stick with our just-clean.it app for iPhone and Android.